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Spectral Ecologies sound walk compositions

within the tunnel walls


if Botany Pond Wasn't Under Construction

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Audio compositions
February 2023

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These two site-specific compositions were composed for locations on UChicago's campus as part of the Spectral Ecologies sound walk that was part of the programming for CHIMEFest 2023: Site/Space hosted by the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition.

"within the tunnel walls" is a ghostly piece in conversation with the haunted walls of the Classics building passageway at the southwest end of the main quad.

"if Botany Pond Wasn't Under Construction" is an imaginary sonic encapsulation of a sunny, idyllic, spring day at Botany Pond on the northeast end of the quad, which is closed pending the completion of a year-long restoration project until Fall 2023.

*Meant to be listened to on stereo headphones*

Birds aren’t real. How else would it be so easy for UChicago to remove the ducks from Botany Pond and drain away the water for a year-long restoration project? Regardless of you stance on birds, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy a sonic encapsulation of a sunny, idyllic, spring day at Botany Pond, ducks included.

Echoes from the past are always lurking in the shadows. You can walk through the Classics building tunnel alone but you won’t be the only presence there. These stone walls are inhabited by ghosts gripping onto their last thread of life force by haunting those who traverse this passageway. Do you dare to listen and let their voices enter your mind?

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