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who is sherry guo?

Sherry Guo (she/her) is artist excited by haunted media and the reflexive nature of process-oriented art-making. She likes playing with rich textures that elicit tactile sensory responses. She graduated from the University of Chicago where she studied Media Arts and Design and Visual Arts. She is particularly drawn to the immersive qualities and emotional capacities that sound and audio mediums have for storytelling and the physical processes of film photography. She also has an affinity for children's media for its ability appeal to audiences of all ages with layered nuance. She has primarily worked in the podcast industry thus far as a producer and editor, but hopes to explore sound design and installation and exhibition work. She is also passionate about archiving as a means of contributing to living bodies of history.

As an artist, Sherry finds meaning in through exploring process and the inherent formal qualities of different mediums. She likes when one art form invokes a different form than the one it is in, such as a photograph that gives the impression of collage, or a painting that feels like a piece of music and strives to evoke similar affects in her own work by blurring boundaries between mediums. She has multimedia experience, but prefers to work primarily in photography, collage, and sound, while also pulling in references from painting and film. She is heavily inspired by Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills series as well as horror aesthetics and weird dreams.

As a podcast editor and producer, Sherry edits The Newest Olympian, a Percy Jackson podcast, and edits and produces Meddling Adults from season 4. She has previously edited Human Rights in a New Key, season 1 and season 5 of SOS with Sonja Rasula.



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