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Join Mike Schubert as he seeks to answer the question: "Is Percy Jackson the book series we should have been reading all along?" 

Sherry is the editor and is also featured as a guest in occasional episodes. She is a huge Percy Jackson fan.

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Editor and Producer

A whodunnit game show raising money for charity hosted by Mike Schubert that puts guests head to head to compete to solve children's mysteries ranging from Encyclopedia Brown to Scooby-Doo and more.

Sherry is the editor and a producer since season 4. She is a huge children's mystery enthusiast.

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Editor and Producer

SOS is a small business advice podcast for entrepreneurs hosted by Sonja Rasula, founder of Unique Markets.


Sherry is the editor and a producer of season 5.

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Human Rights in a New Key spotlights various human rights topics thorough centering student perspectives and voices at UChicago and beyond, placing them in dialogue with those of activists, academics, and other human rights experts.

Sherry is the editor of season 1.

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