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sonic fragments of deconstructed vignettes (1).gif

Interactive visual soundscape
January-April 2023

*stereo headphones are recommended for optimal audio experience*
*this is a modified version for online play*


Installation setup at the 2023 UChicago Media Arts and Design Capstone Exposition

Partly horrific, somewhat absurd, but mostly comedic, sonic fragments of deconstructed vignettes is an interactive visual soundscape that invites users to explore the virtual three-dimensional space as an experimentation in spatialized sound design and an exercise of sound-image relationships. Throughout the space, there exists a plethora of overlapping localized sound zones with short looping audio compositions associated with specific images as well as certain globalized aural layers that provide the work’s sonic undertone. 

Overwhelming and disorienting, yet immersive and meditative, this is a work of poetic chaos that examines the capacity for spatialized sound to elicit tactile and visceral sensory responses along with the magnetic quality that audio has to capture and redirect the ear’s attention. Presenting audio fragments in tandem with correlated images in combinations that are seemingly arbitrary, but subconsciously sensical because they just felt right, this piece strives to rationalize the ridiculous and scrutinize the relationship between sound and image. How do the audio and visual complement or contradict each other? What types of explanations, memories, narratives are being evoked? How does moving to a different spatial orientation impact the sensory experience?

Emblematic of Sherry’s artistic portfolio at UChicago, this piece incorporates thematic and conceptual references to and direct excerpts from previous works, and the majority of the imagery is sourced from her personal photography archive. As a multimedia artist inspired by all forms of media and interested in the intersection of mediums, this piece also references works of cinema and samples pieces of music that she was fixated on or haunted by while creating it. Easily distracted by random thoughts that lead to a string of tangential rabbit holes and end in complete nonsense but miraculously help with her creative process, sonic fragments of deconstructed vignettes ultimately presents a portrait of the artist’s mind from its inception to completion.

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